Three Day Right to Cancel

Nebraska's Home Solicitation Sales law (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 69-1601 to 69-1607), also known as the Three-Day Right to Cancel, applies only to sales made in the home or sales that occur in a location other than the seller's regular place of business. Locations not considered the seller's normal place of business may include temporarily rented rooms, restaurants, and "home parties." The law does not cover vehicle purchases.

Some types of sales cannot be canceled even if they occur in your home. The Three-Day Right to Cancel does not apply to the following sales:

  • Sales under $25.00,
  • Sales that are the result of prior negotiations made by the consumer at the business' permanent location,
  • Purchases of items needed to meet an emergency when the consumer made the initial contact with the business,
  • Sales of securities and commodities,
  • Transactions defined as consumer rental purchase agreements, or
  • Sales involving home repair or home maintenance when the homeowner initiated the sales call.

State law requires that all home solicitation sales contracts include a notice of the Three-Day Right to Cancel with this heading: "BUYER'S RIGHT TO CANCEL."

Notice of cancellation must be done in writing. A certified letter with a return receipt requested will provide documentation of the consumer's intent to cancel. The notice is considered given at the time the notice is mailed, not when the business receives it. The business has ten (10) days after the sale has been canceled to refund the consumer's money.