Imposter Scams

Imposter Scams

Some scammers create fake personas to get you to believe that their story is legitimate. They might have an account on social media that’s just a bit too good to be true, claim to be part of a debt collection agency that doesn’t actually exist, or be a buyer of an online auction with a suspiciously short purchasing history. These scammers are attempting to get your money offered to them in the easiest way they know how.


Romance Scams

This type of scam often entails an entire online persona carefully crafted, frequently using pictures stolen from social media sites to be the ideal person. Their story commonly involves a reason that they are unable to meet in person, and frequently means that they cannot call over the phone or talk in person. These relationships can go on for quite some time before the signs start appearing, but they invariably lead to requests for money. A child is going to school, a sudden medical bill, or other extreme circumstances that requires borrowed money. These scams often appeal to sympathetic parties and have an emotional appeal that can be convincing to its audience.

Fake Debt Collectors

These scammers pretend to be a debt collection agency collecting on a loan you took out years ago. Often, those that fall victim to debt collection agencies will have heard nothing about the debt for years. Sometimes they create a fictional loan, sometimes they use a real loan that was either paid off or discharged, either way they will be aggressive and persistent.

Tell them to send you proof of the debt in writing, and if you don’t remember taking out the loan remember that you can always check your credit report at any of the following credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.