3D Consumer Alert: Puppy Scams


Puppy buying is at an all-time high.  As puppy buying rises, so do puppy scams.  If you’re looking for a new pet, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do your homework. Research prices for the breed you’re interested in.  Get detailed information about the seller, including full name, phone number and address. Then research the seller online.

  • Watch for copycat photos or stock images.  Scammers often use the same photos again and again.  If photos of the puppy or ad text can be found on multiple websites, you’ve probably stumbled onto a scam.

  • Avoid sketchy payments.  Don’t wire money, pay with gift cards or through mobile payment apps as it is harder to get your money back if you don’t get what you paid for.  Paying by credit card or one of the national online payment systems are typically your safest options.

  • Watch for additional fees.  If you’re asked to pay for additional items like climate-controlled crates, veterinary bills or “reimbursable” pet insurance, STOP.  You’re dealing with a scammer.

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Find the 60-second audio (3D Alert) at https://bit.ly/3vK1tOA