3D Consumer Alert: Return, Refunds, and Disputes


While retail returns and exchanges can extend the holiday shopping season well into January, they are a normal part of the shopping experience.

Though many retailers allow returns and issue refunds or store credit, the law does not require it in most circumstances.  If a retailer does not accept returns or charges a “restocking fee,” it must disclose this policy.

If you believe an item or service you purchased with a credit card is unsatisfactory for any reason, you may have the right to withhold payment for the charge and dispute it.

First, make a good-faith effort to resolve your complaint with the retailer.  Follow up on any conversation in writing.  If those efforts are unsuccessful, call your card company within 60 days of the transaction.  Follow up in writing with them as well.

Do not pay the amount in question while you are disputing the transaction.  However, while the dispute is pending, you must make payments towards the undisputed amount.

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Please find the 60-second audio (3D Alert) and the accompanying script at https://bit.ly/3pivbb1