3D Consumer Alert: Your Digital Footprint


Your digital footprint is the record of all your online activity.  It includes your browsing history, social media activity, videos you’ve watched—essentially, anything on the Internet with your name on it. 

Your footprint can be searched, copied, forwarded, and viewed by anyone. It can make or break your image and reputation, opening doors of opportunity or perhaps closing them, forever.

Know how you appear online.  Take steps to ensure high-quality, positive search results. 

Begin by conducting a search on your name.  The first page of results is what people will most likely see when they search for you.  Next, consider carefully what you post on social media and how that information is shared.  Seemingly “private” posts can easily become public.

Finally, focus on the whole picture. The idea isn’t just to prevent bad or embarrassing mentions, but to fill in the good ones too. 


Please find the 60-second audio (3D Alert) and the accompanying script at https://bit.ly/34MM97T