AGO Consumer Website Wins WAGGY Award

Lincoln—The Nebraska Attorney General’s Consumer Protection website ( has received the 2018 Consumer Outreach WAGGY award at the annual Conference for Western Attorneys General (CWAG). This honor is given by CWAG to “the office that best demonstrates a commitment to providing valuable information to their state’s consumers.” The CWAG committee awarded the Nebraska Attorney General’s site based on its resources that aid a wide range of consumers as well as its easy-to-use design for reporting scams and other issues.

In announcing the award, it was said, “This state has done an exceptional job of educating their consumers and encouraging them to play a proactive role in both avoiding and reporting scams.”

In response to winning the award, Attorney General Peterson said, “Our website was created because we know from experience that Consumer education provides Nebraskans the strongest defense against falling prey to fraud, scam and identity theft.”