Attorney General Announces National Consumer Protection Week


National Consumer Protection Week: Detecting a Tech Support Scam

Lincoln – In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week - a campaign that helps consumers understand their rights and make better-informed decisions – the Attorney General’s Office is focusing its efforts on helping Nebraskans detect and defend against tech support scams.

Each day during the week of March 4, the Attorney General will update with information on keeping your computer secure, identifying the red flags associated with these scams, and reporting them to law enforcement. These posts will include tips such as:

  • Be familiar with your computer’s automatic maintenance and security features
  • Keep your security software up-to-date
  • Never share your passwords or give control of your computer to someone who calls you
  • Do not send money, click on any links, or call any phone numbers in response
  • Contact a trusted computer repair professional using information from known sources if your computer’s functionality has been affected
  • Report your experience to the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission

To avoid falling victim to tech support scams, Nebraskans must be familiar with the warning signs and comfortable telling family, friends and other trusted professionals when scam artists strike.

Attorney General Peterson stated, “More and more we find ourselves dependent on our home computers and mobile devices to communicate, work, and even travel which means there are increased opportunities for scammers to reach into our digital worlds.”

You can find additional resources on this topic, or report a scam that you encountered, on the Attorney General’s website, To schedule a presentation by the Attorney General’s Office, please visit our website or call our Outreach Coordinator directly at 402-471-3878.