Attorney General Mike Hilgers Launches a Major Statewide Action

LINCOLN--Today, Attorney General Mike Hilgers launches a major statewide action against retailers selling mislabeled and deceptive THC-containing products that present a danger to Nebraskans. 
“The sale of these deceptive, mislabeled, dangerous products poses a real threat of harm to Nebraskans, especially children. Today’s action is a message to retailers across the state that selling products that threaten Nebraska’s children will not be tolerated,” stated Attorney General Hilgers.
THC-containing products, when consumed, inhaled, or otherwise ingested, pose significant health risks to Nebraskans. These products can produce “serious side effects,” including vomiting, seizures, difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness. In some cases, products containing delta-8 have been tied to loss of life. National poison control centers have received thousands of reports tied to these products, and the FDA and DEA have issued warnings against their use. 
These products have not been deemed safe by any Nebraska or regulatory body. In fact, even in states in which marijuana has been legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana, synthetically produced THCs, including delta-8, remain unlawful (or with significant limits on their use).
These retailers are selling products that pose dangers to Nebraska consumers, including some of the most vulnerable populations—children and teens-by misleading them to believe the THC-containing products distributed across Nebraska are properly labeled and safe to consume. Look-alike THC-containing products facilitate deception by children and teens who may attempt to hide or misrepresent their consumption of intoxicating THC-containing products from their parents and other authority figures, such as school administrators or law enforcement officers. 
Attorney General Hilgers’ action includes an unprecedented series of coordinated lawsuits filed across the state, targeting retailers in at least ten jurisdictions. Lawsuits were filed in the following counties today: Platte, Scottsbluff, Hall, Madison, Lancaster, Sarpy, Lincoln, Saline, Keith, and Dawes.
In addition, the Attorney General has issued a series of consumer protection warnings, including an online video, to help educate parents about the dangers of these products.
As the chief law enforcement officer, the Nebraska Attorney General is responsible for enforcing Nebraska’s consumer protection statutes. These are in place to ensure that products intended for human consumption sold to Nebraskans are properly labeled and ultimately safe to the consumer. 
The Attorney General asks each court to enjoin the business’ unlawful behavior, grant appropriate monetary relief for the numerous and repeated violations, and award any other relief warranted by law.