Attorney General Peterson Announces National Consumer Protection Week


National Consumer Protection Week: Protecting Your Personal Information

Lincoln – In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week - a campaign that helps consumers understand their rights and make better-informed decisions – the Attorney General’s Office is focusing its efforts on helping Nebraskans protect their personal information.

Identity theft and fraud are on the rise. Data breaches seem inevitable. Yet, our personal lives, our children, and even our businesses are migrating online. This migration is welcome for many, but it also poses risks. During National Consumer Protection Week, the Attorney General will remind Nebraskans of the simple steps they can take to protect themselves from the loss or misuse of their most sensitive data.

Each day during the week of March 5, the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office will update with tips and reminders for how to keep your smartphones and computers secure, talk to your children about their online activity, protect your credit, and ensure your business does not fall victim to a data breach. These posts will include tips such as:

  • Set strong passwords, change them regularly, and keep them private
  • Be wary of emails that ask you to share sensitive information for any reason
  • Secure your wireless network and your digital devices
  • Regularly update the software and operating systems on your Internet-connected devices 
  • Limit the amount of personal information you share about yourself online
  • Disable geo-tagging features and monitor your privacy setting when using apps
  • Avoid online shopping, banking, and other sensitive activities that require passwords or credit card information while using public Wi-Fi
  • Check your credit reports on a regular basis and consider a security freeze if necessary
  • If your business collects personal information from consumers, take the time to understand what information you collect and how you must protect it

At home, at school, on the go, and at work, Nebraskans must be vigilant with their personal information. Additional resources on all of these topics are available on the Attorney General’s website,, and from the Federal Trade Commission’s Resource Center.

If you would like to speak with a representative of the Attorney General’s Office, please visit us at the Warner Chamber of the Capitol on March 6 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or contact the Nebraska Consumer Protection Division at 800-727-6432. To schedule a presentation by the Attorney General’s Office on any of the topics mentioned above, please visit our website or call our Outreach Coordinator directly at 402-471-3878.