Attorney General Peterson Announces Settlement with USARS

Settlement with United States Amateur Confederation of Rolling Skating

LINCOLN – Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced a settlement today with United States Amateur Confederation of Rolling Skating (USARS), a Nebraska nonprofit corporation. The settlement results from a complaint that alleged that USARS was reimbursing employees for expenses unrelated to the charitable mission, and which led to an investigation into USARS’s oversight of its charitable assets, policies, and procedures. The settlement requires USARS to, among other things, report any internal complaints to the Attorney General’s Office; perform annually a neutral, third-party audit to be posted on the USARS website; eliminate all incentive-based compensation; and requires USARS board members to attend nonprofit training sessions. This settlement comes as a result of cooperation of current USARS board members, and allows the organization to move forward utilizing best practices for nonprofit organizations.

The settlement was done through a Consent Judgment filed in Lancaster County District Court.