Attorney General Peterson Promotes Cybersecurity in the Workplace

Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Be a Strong Link in the Chain.

As recent major cybersecurity incidents have shown, cyber criminals often rely on human error – like failing to install software patches, clicking on malicious links, and creating easy-to-guess passwords – to gain access to systems and information. Every member of an organization – from senior leadership to the newest employees – is responsible for keeping information and systems secure. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why strong cybersecurity practices are so important.

Cybersecurity isn’t just the job of the IT department. Anyone with access to an organization’s network is a potential point of vulnerability. Cyber criminals are becoming ever more advanced, and organizations must be vigilant to protect their data and systems from cyber threats.


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and a good time to remind ourselves to be safe online. Below are simple steps you can take to be more cyber secure at work and at home:

  • If you come across something suspicious in the cyber world, immediately report it to your IT department.

  • Set strong passwords and change them regularly.

  • Keep your usernames, passwords, or other computer/website access codes private. Be wary if an email asks you to enter your account credentials for any reason.

  • Only open emails and attachments from people you know. If something unexpected pops up in your inbox, check with the IT department to make sure it is safe.

  • Do not install or connect any personal software or hardware to the organization’s network without permission from the IT department.

  • Work with the IT department to make and securely store electronic and physical backups or copies of all your important work. Do the same for your personal files on your home computer.

  • When you work from home, secure your Internet connection by using a firewall, encrypting information, and hiding your Wi- Fi network.

    For additional details about keeping yourself safe online, visit the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division website: