Attorney General Peterson Shares Simple Tips for Internet Safety


Today’s Precautions for Tomorrow’s Internet

Is your refrigerator putting your home network at risk? We live in a world of “smart” objects, where some things like thermostats, coffee pots, and refrigerators are connected to the Internet. We carry around smart devices like phones, and we even wear them in the form of fitness trackers and medical devices. This complicated Internet ecosystem offers us tremendous benefits, but it also poses unique risks.

As technology continues to evolve and advance through all aspects of our lives, it is critical to use Internet-connected devices in safe and secure ways. These devices pose various privacy and security challenges because they collect personal information about the user which could potentially be accessed by others. The user is responsible for understanding what information these devices collect and how it is being shared.

Follow the simple tips below to secure any object or device that connects to the Internet and sends or receives data automatically:

Read privacy policies and know what information an app or device will collect to determine if you really want to share such information.

Keep any device that connects to the Internet free from viruses and malware by updating the software regularly.

Understand privacy settings to control how much information a device or app will display publicly about you.

Set strong passwords and change them regularly.

For additional details about keeping yourself safe online, visit the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division website: