Buddy: A Digital Citizen


Lincoln--Today’s launch of a new page titled Buddy: A Digital Citizen on the Attorney General’s website serves as a welcome addition for young Nebraskans. 

Buddy is a golden retriever who loves making new friends and having fun online as a digital citizen. Buddy is featured in five one-minute videos educating young elementary students about navigating the Internet safely, being kind online, and what to do when activities online become difficult or confusing.

As summer is beginning, kids may potentially find more time occupied online. Buddy’s videos are a tool to prompt discussion between elementary-aged students and their parents with the aim to utilize the Internet effectively yet carefully

Parents know the digital age and its technology bring new challenges and potential hazards if improperly used. To help navigate the digital “highway” with safety and good judgment parents may, in addition to the Buddy videos, find the downloadable, Family Discussion Questions in Creating Internet Guidelines , a quick resource for engaging with their children in a helpful and attentive way.

Buddy’s page invites kids to send in pictures of their own pets and feature tips sent in by kids of how they are learning to be good digital citizens with the help of their friends and parents. 

The Attorney General’s Office is excited to include educational partners in their efforts to assist children regarding Internet safety. This opportunity is ideal for sharing with communities and schools to aid in the pursuit of online protection for children. 

For the continued education of digital citizenship, the Attorney General’s website also offers the resource of reserving a speaker to visit your community, organization, or school.