Consumer Protection Week 3D Alert

This entire week, the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office has been updating their consumer protection website, ProtectTheGoodLife.Nebraska.Gov with educational materials in recognition of National Consumer Protection Week.

Today, the Attorney General is pleased to announce the launch of an additional educational tool, titled 3D Consumer Alerts. The 3D Consumer Alerts series is composed of 60-second educational radio spots written and produced by the Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.  The purpose of the series is to prevent the victimization of Nebraskans by arming them with the education and tools to Deter, Detect, and Defend (the 3Ds) against the frauds, scams, and other pressing consumer issues prevalent across our state.  The twice-a-month Alerts will be distributed to all media outlets but will also extend as breaking news warrants. The broad spectrum of topics includes monitoring your credit report, hotel booking scams, and caller-ID spoofing. (See the attached document for a complete schedule of topics to be covered.)


In case of technical difficulties, the attached audio files can also be found at