Nebraska Attorney General’s Office Warns Consumers to Avoid Moving Scams

LINCOLN--The past year and a half have brought many changes for Nebraskans and for some, it means moving closer to family or moving to a where a new job takes them. Hiring a moving company is a big decision involving more than just money. It means finding a reputable company to get possessions from here to there on time, without damage, and at the agreed-upon price. 

Consumers must be alert to make certain this happens.

The following are some “Red Flags” to watch out for to avoid moving scams:

  • The company’s website has no local address or DOT number.  
  • You are asked to sign a blank or incomplete estimate.
  • The moving company asks for a large deposit before the move or requires you to pay with cash, wire transfer, or postal money orders.
  • The mover doesn’t provide you with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” Federal regulations require moving companies to provide this booklet to customers planning interstate moves.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website is an important place for Nebraskans to begin their moving process and to download Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

For more, visit us on the web at or call the Consumer Affairs Response Team at (402) 471-2682 or (800) 727-6432 in the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.