New Consumer Protection Website Unveiled

Contact: Suzanne Gage 



Attorney General Doug Peterson unveiled the new Consumer Protection website during a press conference at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, March 7. National Consumer Protection week is this week (March 6-12), and the launching of the new website, and Twitter account @ProtectNE, promote awareness of issues related to consumer protection. 

The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office protects Nebraskans from deceptive, unfair, and unconscionable trade practices, ensures fair competition between businesses, and is responsible for oversight of charitable assets and entities. It accomplishes this through education, mediation of consumer complaints, and enforcement. 

The Consumer Protection website simplifies the process of reporting frauds and scams, and creates a new way for the Consumer Protection Division to connect with Nebraskans. The new website will allow information on recent consumer frauds to be exchanged more easily, and it will also encourage Nebraskans to report scams. Attorney General Peterson stated during the press conference that, “Our goal in our Consumer Protection Division is to help detect, deter, and defend against fraud and scams.”

Scams are becoming more sophisticated, which is why it is critical for consumers to educate themselves about different types of fraud and scams and how to prevent them. The new website aims to facilitate education on consumer issues in order to make consumers aware of fraud before it occurs. Abby Stempson, Consumer Protection Division Chief explained that, “Education is truly the best way for our consumers to protect themselves, because once money is sent to a scam artist, it is gone.”

The Consumer Protection website will also make it easier for people to request a presentation on consumer education by a representative of the office for a community, organization, or school. 

The new is in addition to the existing website. The links a consumer directly to the new site. Both will continue to serve Nebraskans.