Protect Yourself When Buying Tickets

To protect yourself when buying tickets to popular events, consider the following before you finalize your purchase:

  • First, identify your ticket seller.  Scammers often make their ads appear to be from the actual venue.
  • Next, make sure your ticket actually exists. If uncertain, don’t pay until you have the ticket in-hand.
  • Finally, beware of surprisingly high prices. Resellers may tack on additional service or delivery fees that substantially increase your total ticket cost.

The attached radio alert provides more information regarding how to defend yourself against scams when purchasing tickets. 

3D Consumer Alert is a series of 60-second educational radio spots written and produced by the Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. The purpose is to prevent the victimization of Nebraskans by arming them with the education and tools to Deter, Detect, and Defend (the 3Ds) against the frauds, scams, and pressing consumer issues prevalent across our state.


In case of technical difficulties, the 60-second audio (3D Alert) and the accompanying script can also be found at