Settlement Announcement with Florida-Based Businesses for Postcard Scheme


Attorney General Doug Peterson Announces Settlement with Florida-Based Businesses and their Principals for Alleged Postcard Scheme

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson today announced a settlement with Florida-based businesses United Business Services, LLC and Corporations Filing Service, LLC, as well as their principals James L. Beard and Sean M. Shaughnessy, resolving an investigation and lawsuit which focused on the operation of a postcard mailing campaign and related telephone support. Nebraska entities were solicited to purchase labor law posters and certificates of existence, but the State alleged the Defendants falsely represented that business entities needed to obtain these products in order to comply with state and federal law and to avoid fees or penalties.  Furthermore, the State alleged that the postcards intentionally appeared as though they originated from an official governmental entity, which they did not, and that the postcards were sent from a local address in Lincoln, Nebraska, which they were not.

The settlement requires United Business Services, et al. to cease and desist from engaging in any postcard campaign, like the one alleged, or any other similar scheme, as well as cease and desist from engaging in any activity that is misleading, unfair, unconscionable, or deceptive to Nebraskans or that effects Nebraska.  United Business Services, et al. is also required to make a payment of $2,118 for restitution to Nebraska entities, and make a $4,000 payment to the State.  Nebraska entities who qualify for restitution will be notified by the Attorney General’s Office in the near future. 

The Attorney General had previously warned Nebraskans about this scheme

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