AGO Reaches Agreement with AmerisourceBergen Corporation

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced on October 2, 2018, that the State of Nebraska, along with other states and the federal government, has reached an agreement in principle with pharmaceutical distributor AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) to settle allegations that the company introduced adulterated drugs into interstate commerce. As a result, ABC will pay the states and the federal government $625 million, of which nearly $100 million will go to state Medicaid programs. Additionally, an ABC subsidiary, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group pled guilty in federal court to illegally distributing misbranded drugs.

AGO Files Consent Judgment and Issues Report at Conclusion of Goodwill Omaha Investigation

LincolnToday, Attorney General Peterson was joined by AAG Meghan Stoppel who heads the Consumer Protection Division in the Attorney Generals’ Office to announce the issuance of a report and the filing of a Consent Judgment in Douglas County District Court against Goodwill Industries, Inc. and Goodwill Specialty Services, Inc. (collectively Goodwill Omaha).