Military and Veterans

Frequent relocation, separation from family and friends, the stresses of deployment, and a steady paycheck from Uncle Sam can make military households an attractive target for scam artists. Ultimately, military service members and veterans deserve to be rewarded for their service, not disproportionately targeted for financial victimization.


Protect Yourself

Everyone, regardless of age, sex, nationality, education level, or financial status is a target for a consumer scam. The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of such a scam is to educate yourself. We have provided information below relating to a number of common scams and other areas of consumer exploitation. While the information below is a good start for a consumer’s education, it is not exhaustive. If you cannot find the information you need below, please contact us.



Free Publications to Share

The Nebraska Attorney General's Office publishes a variety of booklets to provide valuable consumer resources to the public. You may also wish to download digital versions of the brochures available below. Thank you for your interest in our publications.

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File a Consumer Complaint

Report a Scam

Nonprofit Corporations

Nonprofit corporations play a vital role in protecting and maintaining the Good Life in Nebraska. Charitable organizations and their board members, along with countless volunteers and donors, provide essential services all across our state, and the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office works with the charitable sector to ensure that those services can continue to improve the quality of life of all Nebraskans. The following information is designed to help nonprofit corporations, directors, members, and employees understand their rights and responsibilities in Protecting the Good Life.

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