Credit Reporting

Obtaining Credit

Open End and Closed End Credit

Credit is a broad term that covers all sorts of financial arrangements.  Generally, there are two types of credit: “open end” and “closed end.”

Open end credit is an ongoing extension of credit that may continue indefinitely, assuming neither party withdraws.  Credit cards are the most common form of open end credit.  As the consumer pays off the balance of the card, additionally credit becomes immediately available.

Online Safety

Safety Tips for Your Online Devices

That smartphone in your pocket – or your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer – contains significant information about you and your friends and family including contact numbers, photos, location information, and more. Your internet-connected devices need to be protected. Take the following security precautions and enjoy the conveniences of technology with peace of mind while you are on the go.



The kindness and compassion of our citizens are part of what makes Nebraska great. That kindness is in no small part reflected in Nebraska’s charitable sector, both by the work of Nebraska’s charities and the tremendous amount of charitable giving by Nebraskans.

Stopping Unwanted Telemarketing, Mail, and Emails

Scammers often use telephone, mail, and email solicitation to lure people into their schemes, often by posing as legitimate businesses who contact a consumer out of the blue. One of the best ways to protect yourself against fraudsters is to cut off the ability of businesses to call you or send you unsolicited mail in the first place. Recognize the warning signs of scams and fraud, and cut down on unwanted phone calls and email, by following the steps below.