Supplements and Weight Loss

Whether you are seeking to shed a few pounds or treat a serious condition, beware of products that offer miracle cures. Every year, consumers spend billions of dollars on untested, fraudulently marketed, and utterly ineffective health products.

Be a skeptic in regard to miracle health products. Not only are they likely to be a waste of your money, without a doctor’s guidance, using them may put your health at serious risk.

Recognzie the Warning Signs:

Government Lookalikes


Scammers sometimes pretend to be government officials to get you to send them money. They might promise lottery winnings if you pay “taxes” or other fees, or they might threaten you with arrest or a lawsuit if you don’t pay a supposed debt. Regardless of their tactics, their goal is the same: to get you to send them money or obtain your personal information.

IRS Scams


IRS Phone Scams

Potential phone scam victims may be told that they owe money that must be paid immediately to the IRS or they are entitled to big refunds. When unsuccessful the first time, sometimes phone scammers call back trying a new strategy.

Small Claims Court

Mediation services through the Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office are often successful, but there are times when mediation efforts do not bring a dispute to a satisfactory resolution for the parties involved.  Small claims court is another avenue that is available in some instances to resolve a dispute.  Important information to know about small claims court in Nebraska includes the following:

Contractors and Home Improvement

Protect Your Home by Choosing the Right Contractor

Carefully choosing the right contractor will help protect your home and your wallet.

Every home needs repairs or improvements at some point. When it comes time to invest in work on your property, take care to protect your investment. Unscrupulous contractors may claim to do inexpensive work, but once they have your money, the work doesn’t get done.